Monday, June 4, 2007

Could not find resource assembly

I'm currently working on PDA app for our inventory program. I'm tweaking the program to point to a different webservice.

After deploying the app to the PDA, it started the connection to the webservice, when the following error popped up:

Could not find resource assembly

Hmmm. . . After some researching I found an msdn blog that mentioned that this error isn't an error that occurs in the apps resource assembly, but because the PDA does't have the resource assembly that contains the error codes that are used for display.

The blog contained a link to msdn to read through the issue, but alas, that pointed to a File Not Found error on the msdn. Oh well.

After searching, you need to copy the file to your PDA and install it.

Once I did that, the correct error message appeared and I moved on to debugging it. yeah!

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