Tuesday, March 11, 2008

1 old and 1 new feature of Gmail.

Official Gmail Blog: 2 hidden ways to get more from your Gmail address

I just found on the GMail Blog two neat features you can do with your gmail addresss. One I've known about for years, and that is using a period in your email address. so example@gmail.com is the same as ex.amp.le@gmail.com, and you can use that to figure out where spam is coming from, if you place the period in different places of your email. That's of limited use, unless you want to be spiffy any have a period separating words in the email address. The other item that I didn't know about and was really interesting was using the + in your email. So you can send email to exampl+orders@gmail.com. Then create a filter for the +orders and have all your orders labeled. I've started using +spam, +orders, etc. I then know if someone starts to sell my email address to other companies, I can just start blocking the +.

I use this with my google domain email, and it works great!


Johnny said...

This does work great however any form you fill out on the Internet will reject it as an invalid eMail. I have tried several places like my bank or my ISP's eMail and it will not accept the + symbol. If someone types it into the address field to send to you it works but other than that I see it as being a pain as some emails may not get to you since the + is not accepted in many places.

Mike said...

Yeah, I noticed that at several sites after I posted the initial blog. So far I'm running about 50/50 on sites that accept/reject the + in the email. One site rejected, then on the confirmation page, they ended up accepting it.

In that case, I use the . in the email name.

Abhijith Jain said...

Also you can associate your gmail address with "googlemail.com" domain. For Ex: If you have an mail address with "xyz@gmail.com" then same account can be associated as "xyz@googlemail.com".

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