Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Team Foundation Server 2008

I have a fresh install of Windows Server 2k3, just installed Sql Server 2k5 and Sql Server SP2. I'm getting ready to install Team Foundation Server 2008.

And then I get the ubiquitous error: 320000

The Commandline '"C:\...\TFRSConfig.exe" /setup /install /s "servername" /u "NT Authority\NetworkService" /buildInIdentity /l "1033" /verify /ignoreExistingIISArtifacts /instancename "MSSQLSERVER" /appPoolName "ReportServer" /reportServerUri "http://localhost/ReportServer" /reportManagerUri "http://localhost/Reports" /h "servername"' returned non-zero value: -2147022676.

I've seen other sites with this, tried the click retry 4 to 8000 times, and nothing. I finally killed the install. Then I remembered, when I was installing Sql Server and IIS i had switch a flag for some other error I was getting in IIS:

The fix was to go to open IIS, right click on Web Sites, select properties, select service tab, then check Run WWW service in IIS 5.0 isolation mode.

Figuring that there wasn't much else I could do, I unchecked that field, and went back through the TFS install.

What do you know? It worked. (oh and I had to restart IIS).

So, at least I've gotten it installed. Now to play with it.

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